Baldrige Scoring System: Results Linkage
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Linkage - Results Scoring Evaluation Dimension



"Linkage" refers to a connection [of results] to important customer, product and service, market, process, and action plan performance requirements identified in the Organizational Profile and in Process Items [Categories 1-6].


- Relate to key requirements as described by the Applicant

- Listed in Item notes

Questions to be asked in analyzing linkage:

- Depending on the particular Results Item requirements and what the applicant stated was important, what would you expect to see (e.g., key measures, linkage to key segments, linkage to key processes, linkage to action plans)?

- Do the results link to responses in the Process Item Notes?

How do I use these [results] evaluation factors?

To ensure a more holistic evaluation of Results Items (Category 7), answer the questions [above] when drafting and before finalizing your comments. You should be able to strengthen and clarify comments using insights gained from answering the questions. Also determine how much information is missing. Is there a pattern in these "gaps" or is one key segment or area generally missing? Provide details related to gaps and evidence, including exact numbers and details from figures, to support your comments.

See also Results Scoring Guidelines and Process Evaluation Dimensions.