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The term 'Action Plans' was first introduced in the Baldrige Glossary in 1998.

Action Plans (Strategic)

The term action plans refers to specific actions that respond to short- and longer-term strategic objectives. Action plans include details of resource commitments and time horizons for accomplishment. Action plan development represents the critical stage in planning when strategic objectives and goals are made specific so that effective, organization-wide understanding and deployment are possible. In the Criteria, deployment of action plans includes creating aligned measures for all departments and work units. Deployment also might require specialized training for some staff employees or recruitment of personnel.

An example of a strategic objectives for a supplier in a highly competitive industry might be to develop and maintain a price leadership position.  Action plans could entail designing efficient processes and creating an accounting system that activity-level costs, aligned for the organization as a whole. Deployment requirements might include work unit and team training in setting priorities based on costs and benefits. Organizational-level analysis and review likely would emphasize productivity growth, cost control, and quality.

See also definition of "strategic objectives"

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