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The term 'Basic Requirements' was first introduced in the Baldrige Glossary in 2002.

Basic Requirements (Criteria)

The term basic requirements refers to the topic Criteria users need to address when responding to the most central concept of an Item. Basic requirements are the fundamental theme of that Item (e.g., your approach for strategy development for Item 2.1). In the Criteria, the basic requirements of each Item are presented as the Item title question. This presentation is illustrated in the Item format.

See also the Baldrige Criteria "Item Format" graphic below for additional information about basic requirements.

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Baldrige Criteria Item Format and Requirements

Item Format and Requirements Description for Criteria Items

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Criteria Structure

The seven Criteria Categories in the Baldrige Framework are subdivided into Items and Areas to Address.


There are 17 Criteria Items in the 7 Framework Categories, each focusing on a major requirement.

Areas to Address:

Items consist of one or more Areas to Address (Areas). Organizations should address their responses to the specific requirements of these Areas.


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