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The term 'Customer' was first introduced in the Baldrige Glossary in 2003.


The term “customer” refers to actual and potential users of your organization’s products, programs, or services (referred to as "products" in the Criteria). Customers include the end users of your products, as well as others who might be their immediate purchasers or users. These others might include distributers, agents, or organizations that further process your product as a component of their product. The Criteria address customers broadly, referencing current and future customers, as well as the customers of your competitors.

Customer-driven excellence is a Baldrige Core Value embedded in the beliefs and behaviors of high-performing organizations. Customer focus impacts and should integrate an organization’s strategic directions, its work systems and work processes, and its business results.

See the definition of “stakeholders” for the relationship between customers and others who might be affected by your organization’s products.

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