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The term 'High-Performance Work' was first introduced in the Baldrige Glossary in 1996.

High Performance Work

The term “high-performance work” refers to work processes used to systematically pursue ever-higher levels of overall organizational and individual performance, including quality, productivity, innovation rate, and cycle time performance. High-performance work results in improved service for customers and other stakeholders.

Approaches to high-performance work vary in form, function, and incentive systems. High-performance work focuses on workforce engagement. It frequently includes cooperation between management and the workforce, which may involve workforce bargaining units; cooperation among work units, often involving teams; the empowerment; of your people, including self-directed responsibility; and input to planning. It also may include individual and organizational skill building and learning; learning from other organizations; flexibility in job design and work assignments; a flattened organizational structure, where decision making is decentralized and decisions are made closest to the “front line”; and effective use of performance measures, including comparisons. Many high-performance organizations use monetary and nonmonetary incentives based on factors such as organizational performance, team and individual contributions, and skill building. Also, high-performance work usually seeks to align the organization’s structure, core competencies, work, jobs, workforce development, and incentives.

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