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The term 'Work Systems' was first introduced in the Baldrige Glossary in 2002 as a Workforce Focus category term. It has since been redefined and is now an Operations Focus category term

Work Systems

The term work systems refers to how the work of your organization is accomplished. Work systems involve your workforce, your key suppliers and partners, your contractors, your collaborators, and other components of the supply chain needed to produce and deliver your products and your business and support processes. Your work systems coordinate the internal work processes and the external resources necessary for you to develop, produce, and deliver your products to your customers and to succeed in your marketplace.

Decisions about work systems are strategic. These decisions involve protecting and capitalizing on core competencies and deciding what should be procured or produced outside your organization in order to be efficient and sustainable in your marketplace.

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Have Work Systems got you feeling a bit confused and lost? Not to worry!: Work Systems have been relocated from Operations Focus (Cat 6) to Strategic Planning (Cat 2) for 2013. Do you agree with this? Be careful before you answer! Work Systems have been relocated several times since they first appeared in 1993. In fact, they have been a transient part of the Criteria requirements in 13 different Criteria Items, the Organizational Profile, and six of the seven Categories. Some believe that Work Systems never-ending quest for a permanent home and continuously changing definition implies that the Criteria have no clue as to where they actually belong or what their role is . . . perish the thought! Warning: The link to: "Work Systems" have now been unsuccessfully trialed in six Categories (no joke)" contains graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised.

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