Baldrige ARTICULATED Criteria

2012 Baldrige Criteria - articulated for ease of use

Why articulate the Baldrige Criteria?

Articulating the Criteria questions improves understanding and ease of use. Unlike the official Baldrige Criteria questions which are bundled into densely-worded paragraphs of disparate topics, the Articulated Criteria simply separate the questions.

Are the words the same as the Baldrige Criteria?

The words are the same.

Global Acceptance and Popularity:

The Articulated Criteria are now approved for use by more than 20 national quality and excellence award programs based on the Baldrige Criteria worldwide attesting to their acceptance. Previous versions of the Articulated Criteria have been downloaded thousands of times daily attesting to their recognized value and worldwide popularity.

Consistency of Understanding:

The Articulated Criteria also electronically linked to definitions for all key terms used in the Baldrige Criteria. More than saving time, these links ensure that users understand the terminology. A common understanding is critical because the Examiners are required to use these definitions to conduct an assessment. For example, variation in use of common terms such as ‘CORE COMPETENCIES’, ‘SUSTAINABILITY’, and INTEGRATION’ can and likely will detract from the validity of assessments.

New for 2012:

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Baldrige Articulated Criteria