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MISSION: Accelerating organizational improvement beyond the capabilities of all the Business Excellence approaches combined.


Total Quality Inc. was founded in 1991 by Paul Steel. Paul is the longest serving active member of the Baldrige Board of Examiners (Baldrige photos). Total Quality provides a full range of Baldrige Criteria-related (and other major international award Criteria) services and Baldrige Excellence Tools. TQI has served thousands of organizations worldwide since 1991 (see sample list) attesting to enduring marketplace value. Any organization serious about achieving unsurpassed excellence is a candidate to benefit. Clients are diverse including smaller and larger public sector, nonprofit, education, health care, service, and manufacturing organizations.  They represent all levels of excellence achievement from beginners to winners (Europe, Asia and the Americas) and to organizations assessed higher than the winners but who choose not to apply for an award.

We strive to be the innovation leader in simplifying the effective use of the Criteria as well as reducing the overall costs. An example of our innovation is our INTEGRATED Criteria which is identical to the actual Baldrige Criteria but with hyperlinks definitions and to make it easier to use and the only integrated version available anywhere.

We also focus on what happens 'after the Feedback Report' and 'after winning the Baldrige Award (or equivalent)' with our consulting services.

We participated in the launch of major quality awards including: Baldrige Award, European Quality Award, New Zealand Business Excellence Award (NZBEF), and most recently the Indonesian Quality Award. We have advised and/or contributed to several other national excellence awards including the Malaysian Prime Minister's Award, the Australian Quality Award, Chile Calidad, and the Singapore Quality and Innovation Awards. In addition Paul serves as a Juror for the Dubai Business Award which is the highest level excellence award in UAE.

Our clients include many small organizations as well as the largest businesses in the Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Thailand, Bahrain, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, the UAE along with twelve of the top thirty US service and manufacturing organizations and several major health care, education, public sector and military organizations. We have been contracted by more than 25 government agencies worldwide.

Extensive interface with winners of national and international quality awards and other leading organizations enables us to continuously learn from direct participation. We preserve that ever-expanding knowledge in integrated systems of Baldrige Best Practices. We are especially proud of the fact that more and more Baldrige winners have chosen to use our products and services after they won their award.

TQI's mission focuses on enabling organizations to achieve unsurpassed excellence - in the minds of their customers and other stakeholders, in the shortest timeframe, and at the lowest total cost.


2012 Baldrige ARTICULATED Criteria . . . now approved by more than 20 national quality awards

 Baldrige Articulated Criteria 15P2                             Baldrige Health Care Articulated Criteria 15P2      

Articulating the Criteria results in improved understanding and practicality

2012 Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence - basic versions

Baldrige Criteria                    Baldrige Health Care Criteria                    Baldrige Education Criteria

See the hundreds of Criteria requirements that have been deleted from the previous versions

Baldrige Improvement Tools and Resources . . . from the most experienced source


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MISSION: Accelerating organizational improvement beyond the capabilities of all Business Excellence approaches combined . . . Paul Steel



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